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Blog Title: water from water heater not hot

Main Que: The water from our water heater is not too hot, what may be wrong?

  • Category: Rheem Water Heater General Faq's
  • Query By: DUANE JENNINGS (Compton, CA)
  • Date: 03/22/2013

Answer: "Water temperature is set too low. Increase the temperature to approximately 125-130 F. Reduced the water flow when the water filter or fixture aerator are clogged. If there is a plumbing crossover, cold water is mixing with the hot water. One of the reasons for the plumbing crossover is if the single-lever mixing valve was installed, and it failed. Gas valve does not provide enough pressure; either due to the low gas pressure or if it is not open fully. Is the gas line sized correctly? Sediment and limescale build-up inside the heat exchanger. You might want to use the discaling procedure and flush all the deposits. The scale deposits acts as an insulator and it prevents heat exchanger to transfer heat to water. Is venting system clean of the debris and does it provide enough fresh air for proper combustion? "

  • Replied By: TROY JENSEN (Mission, TX)
  • Replied Date: 04/12/2013